Water Engineering for Emergencies

Tim Westmoreland has first hand experience of undertaking emergency water engineering and humanitarian assistance in an active conflict zone - whilst working for Oxfam GB in Kosovo during the 1998 war and subsequent experience in the refugee camps in Macedonia in 1999. This was followed by a period working in post-conflict reconstruction first with Oxfam and later the EU organisation charged with post-war reconstruction of Kosovo - the European Agency for Reconstruction.

During the period of NATO bombing of Kosovo and Serbia Tim was in charge of managing the operation of water treatment and supply to two large refugee camps in Macedonia - at one time with a joint population of 60,000 people. The water treatment plant was designed and constructed in around 6 days using Oxfam’s standard emergency water supply equipment.

This experience of engineering in a region at war and during the aftermath of war gives Westmoreland Consulting the experience required to plan and undertake work related emergency water and sanitation programmes in similar difficult environments. We understand the needs of war affected and displaced communities and what it takes to help rebuild their damaged or destroyed homes and infrastructure.